Google Workspace Support

How we can help you

We globally manage the control panel of your Google Workspace environment to inform you of any alerts or critical situations..

We give immediate response to any inquiry and help you to solve any incident.

We provide you with a technician assigned to you, so that he/she can know in depth the situation of the company and its day to day activities.

Google Workspace support for our customers

Available for Google Workspace administrators

Phone assistance

Personalized attention from one of our agents


Incident resolution in less than 24 hours

Our Support Plans


  • 24h x 7 days monitoring
  • Supervision and resolution of incidents 8hX 5 days
  • Support for Google Workspace administrators
  • E-ticketing service for customer communications




  • 24h x 7 days monitoring
  • Supervision and Incident Resolution 8h X 5days
  • Workspace administrator support
  • E-ticketing service for customer communications
  • Workspace support +
  • News communication
  • Workspace adoption consultancy
  • Follow-up program (3 visits per year)
  • 1 day corner Workspace (on-site support service)

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