Finally, a single multi-damoin management platform

About Tic Kobex

Located in Barberà del Vallès, Tic kobex is a business services group dedicated to providing technology solutions and development of software applications for desktop, web and mobile devices in the B2B environment.

In turn, it specializes in the maintenance of computer parks, administration of databases and servers, telecommunications and customer support. In short, it acts as IT manager for third-party companies in different sectors, including logistics and transportation, industrial and consumer electronics. 

“Tic Kobex defines itself as a global solutions company in information technology and communications.”

Tic kobex defines itself as a global solutions company in information technology and communications”

Cost savings as a leitmotiv

At the beginning, Alberto Fernandez, IT Director, is informed about the possibilities offered by the Cloud as a possible solution to the problem of the high costs of traditional IT ecosystems, common to almost all of his customers. However, he soon realizes that the cloud will not only allow him to reduce IT costs but also to unify the communications of all the integrated companies and centralize the management of all their domains.

“He soon realizes that the cloud will not only allow the company to reduce IT costs but also to unify the communications of all the integrated companies and centralize the management of all his domains.”

caso de éxito G suite tic kobex

The multi-domain and local software challenge

The main problem that Tic kobex identified before using Google Workspace was the decentralized IT management of several domains. In this sense, the great advantage of Google Workspace for the IT team has been the possibility of centralizing the IT management of several companies in a single multi-domain administration platform, being able to abandon the use of local software, as well as the need for constant updates, modifications and travel to each client’s facilities.

Google Workspace has simplified the work of the IT team by 50% and has meant the beginning of a journey to the cloud for different companies and hundreds of workers.

“Google Workspace was a time saver in every employee’s day-to-day work, so it improved service level and delivery metrics.”

The benefits of Google Workspace

A total of 1066 Google Workspace accounts were implemented at Tic Kobex, mainly Basic and Business.

The integration of office applications soon showed an increase in efficiency and faster management. The number of unnecessary emails was quickly reduced while the speed of incident resolution increased.

Google Workspace saved time in each employee’s day-to-day work, improving service levels and delivery metrics.

From the administrators’ point of view, there was also greater control over documentation, increased security and implied cost savings by avoiding data leaks.

The Suite has also helped the internal team to unify communications between the different domains managed, resulting in valuable time savings.


Google Workspace for employees

In some companies linked to courier and transport, there was an excessive use of email by users. Thanks to Google Workspace, simple email management is abandoned and efficiency is gained in case management: the unique integration of Gmail with Google Calendar, Google Drive and instant messaging makes the user experience better and internal processes are shortened.

It was much easier for employees to manage a case, contact colleagues for resolution and find any kind of documentation or invoice in Google Drive, all from the same place. No more endless flow of emails with attachments: suddenly it was as easy as sharing the relevant file in a controlled way and having the file versioned and changed in real time.

Staff started to save a lot of time thanks to real-time collaboration tools and better mail management thanks to Gmail and integration with the entire Suite.

Lummaps, an intranet in the cloud

Leveraging the implementation of Google Workspace, Alberto Fernandez discovers that the LumApps intranet is the perfect complement to his centralization strategy. With LumApps he can unify internal communication in a central hub: corporate news, applications including Google Workspace and social collaboration.

It also fully integrates with all other applications and synchronizes with Google users, eliminating the need to enter their password to log in. The IT team can create work communities and manage all company communication in one place, while customizing content for each of the companies, building a corporate identity.

Lumapps - caso tic kobex

Working with a Google Cloud Partner

Altostratus Cloud Consulting was the Google partner in charge of guiding the client to the new platform based on Google Cloud solutions. The leap to the cloud made it possible for Tickobex to benefit not only from all GWS services, but also from all the features associated with the cloud; MDM (mobile device management), integration with third-party apps, multi-device access, a highly secure environment through encryption, a backup and e-discovery (Vault) or the integration of existing user accounts through ADFS integration.

In addition, the consultancy helped to implement a new global intranet through the innovative Lummaps application.

Digital identity, a solution for white collar personnel

The switch to Google Workspace has been a leap forward for workers who are working on the road or on the road, such as carriers. For the first time they can have a digital identity and be part of the company’s processes. Thanks to Google Workspace and Google Drive, they can now receive communications, receive information or documentation of new trainings, as well as fill out service performance forms.

“The switch to Google Workspace has been a leap for workers who are working on the street or on the road.”

In the case of this type of personnel, the incorporation of digital identity has meant a 180º turn in the management of their daily work with the company.