Altostratus becomes a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for Google Cloud

Altostratus achieves the highest level of partnership with Google Cloud becoming a Managed Services Provider (MSP)


Altostratus, part of Telefónica Tech, becomes a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for Google Cloud. This recognition, representing the highest level of partnership, is a testament to the commitment and capability of Altostratus and Telefónica Tech to manage, oversee, and optimize their clients’ workloads on the Google Cloud platform.

With this new distinction, Altostratus reaffirms its ability to create solutions that help companies manage and optimize the Google Cloud environment with the highest standards of security and efficiency, in addition to providing the best FinOps practices for cloud cost control.

Altostratus is now one of the few partners in Spain accredited to provide managed professional services using Google Cloud technology. To achieve this, Google Cloud partners undergo rigorous technical evaluation, where they must demonstrate the success of the projects developed, as well as the technical capabilities of their team in their area of specialization.

“Not only do we adhere to best practices and focus on customer satisfaction as a fundamental pillar of the relationship, but we also adopt the latest technologies and methodologies to automate and streamline the service to ensure business continuity for our clients,” says José Luis Cerrada, CTO of Altostratus

Benefits of having a Managed Services Provider (MSP) partner with Google Cloud

Altostratus’ managed services model is dedicated to monitoring and operating its clients’ systems, as well as providing customized and optimized solutions to effectively meet their specific needs.

The services provided in this area focus on outsourcing and maximizing IT operations based on management, support, and cloud administration of Google Cloud. Among the range of services provided are active GCP service monitoring, data recovery backup, system and application updates and patching, security, cost control, and incident management.

Additionally, Altostratus has a certified technical team that offers specialized support, available at all times. This allows their clients to focus on their businesses, knowing that their Google Cloud environment is in the hands of experienced professionals.