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What is Looker?

Looker is an online data processing and analysis platform for companies that need to process large volumes of data in their daily activity, in sectors such as E-commerce, Media, Saas, Health, Gaming, Utilities, Logistics, Distribution, Banking or Insurance.


Process data and improve your results


Business intelligence

Simplify reporting and dashboarding under a single business approach


Integrated analytics

Leverage the value of your data, integrate analytical capabilities, visualization and relevant information for decision making.



Create new data experiences or deliver plug-and-play experiences with Looker’s pre-configured applications


Data delivery

Automates the distribution of reports, insights, and query results in common formats and platforms.


Workflow integration

Use pre-designed integrations or create your own with Looker’s robust APIs.

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Reports and insights for each department

Looker centralizes data and presents it in customized dashboards for each department of the company.



Centralize your data to optimize campaigns, conversion rates and ROI


Product Management

Develop better products thanks to data analysis and its real-time accessibility


Sales Management

Instant team access to accurate sales data for more agile deal closing.


Web analytics

Business intelligence to map the customer journey and gain insights into buying behavior.


Operations and Logistics

Increase productivity and keep your supply chain running smoothly


Customer Service

Enriche the daily customer experience with Looker's analytics software

 Looker Use Cases

Tools for a more productive workday


Sales analysis

Easily organize leads, contacts and opportunities in your account, manage sales levels and workflows, and combine data from other systems to gain valuable insights.

looker demo platform

Digital marketing analytics

Customize more powerful reports, understand ad spend across all channels with a unified dashboard, and make bid changes based on ad performance updates.

looker demo platform

Web analytics

Support your teams with access to reliable and sharable data from Google Analytics, dive into your website with cross-property analytics, alerting programs, dynamic cohorts, and more

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Looker integrations

Supports more than 50 SQL dialects

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