The best way to optimize your infrastructure

Working with Kubernetes allows you to reduce the resources and cost per use of your infrastructure. You will also be able to develop and run your applications in a more agile and secure way.

Why use Kubernetes containers?


Coherent environment

Containers provide the ability to create predictable and isolated environments. This translates into productivity by saving time debugging and diagnosing differences between environments.


Work in any environment

Containers can run on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems; in virtual machines; in local data centers or in the public cloud. This makes them easy to develop and deploy.


Effective isolation

Containers virtualize CPU, memory, storage and network resources at the operating system level, providing developers with a view of the operating system isolated from other applications.

With Kubernetes, multiple running containers are used directly on top of the operating system kernel, so they can start much faster and use a fraction of the memory compared to booting a full operating system.

Simplify container management with Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine lets you

  • Planning
    Decide where my containers should run
  • Cycle of life and health
    Keep my containers running despite failures
  • Climbing
    Make container sets larger or smaller
  • Balance Loads
    Distribute traffic across a set of containers.
  • Volumes of storage
    Provide data to containers
  • Registration and monitoring
    Tracking your containers
  • Systems Debugging
    Add to containers
  • Identity and authorization
    Control permissions


Google Kubernetes Engine

A Kubernetes service secured and managed by Google Cloud with four-way auto-scaling and multi-cluster support.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is an enterprise-grade platform for all types of containerized applications: stateful and stateless, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Linux and Windows, simple and complex web applications, APIs and backend services..

GKE uses industry-first features such as four-way autoscaling and stress-free management. It optimizes GPU and TPU provisioning and is supported by site reliability engineers (SRE) for multiple clusters.


Ready to modernize your infrastructure with Kubernetes?

Benefits of working with GKE

GKE makes it easy to deploy, update and manage your applications and services, allowing you to develop and iterate applications quickly.


Application development is accelerated without sacrificing security

Cloud Computing

Your operations are streamlined thanks to new, fast and stable launch channels.


With GKE you can now focus on applications. Google takes care of your infrastructure management

Don’t hesitate, take the first step towards the infrastructure of the future.

Our infrastructure experts will design and optimize your Kubernetes project.

GKE Google for your team



Kubernetes applications

Predefined deployment templates, portability, simplified license allocation and consolidated billing.



Auto-scaling of pods and clusters

Horizontal pod autoscaling is based on CPU utilization or custom metrics, while cluster autoscaling works per node group.



Workload and network security

GKE Sandbox provides a second layer of security. GKE clusters also allow you to restrict traffic using pod-level firewall rules.

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