Google Cloud VMware Engine

Your direct jump to the cloud

Migrate your VMware environment to Google Cloud in minutes and without disruptions

Google VMware Engine is a fully integrated and managed service that provides a simple and seamless way to migrate to the cloud.

With VMware Engine, you can deploy VMware workloads natively on an isolated infrastructure, giving you greater operational agility and native access to cloud services.

VMware allows you to enjoy the innovations of the cloud and unlock big data insights, without having to face the challenges of a full cloud migration.

google VM ware engine

Why Google Cloud VMware Engine?

Benefit from the agility, speed and automation of the cloud

Reduce your TCO costs

Save 25% or more in infrastructure costs

Keep your existing applications

No need to redesign or refactor applications

Seamless migration

Maintain your operational continuity at all times

Leverage previous investment

You can keep existing tools in your IT environment.

Pay-as-you-go and scale on demand

Enjoy flexible consumption and grow when you need it

Google Cloud VMware Engine Features

Management, network services, operating platform and backend infrastructure run at scale by Google Cloud.


Datacenter and hybrid cloud expansion

Extend existing infrastructure to Google Cloud or retire existing on-premises environment. Use dynamic scaling of on-demand resources.


Backup and disaster recovery

Simplify the tasks required to manage a disaster recovery plan to ensure continuity in your on-premise environment.


Application Modernization

Get useful information for your business with Bigquery, create intelligent predictive models with cloud AI and modernize your applications with Anthos from Google Cloud.


Virtual desktop infrastructure

Deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) within Google Cloud VMware Engine so your employees can work from anywhere.

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