Acciona Mobility


Powering the world towards low carbon transportation solutions with Google Cloud

We share the Acciona Mobility-Google Cloud project, a flagship case that included the participation of Altostratus for the implementation of a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure that would support the mission of promoting the use of renewable energies.

The challenge

Deploy a reliable infrastructure for your new service to decarbonise the transport industry and relieve congestion in cities before understanding exactly what its scale and demand would be. The strategy was to adopt a serverless architecture that could grow with the business to maintain its long-term vision.

acciona mobility

About Acciona Mobility

Acciona is a Spanish multinational committed to the development and management of infrastructure and renewable energy. Its 40,000 employees in 65 countries are united by the mission of leading the transition to a low carbon economy.

The solution

Acciona Mobility chose Google Cloud and Altostratus Cloud Consulting to build a scalable and reliable IT infrastructure that supports its long-term vision.

At Altostratus we advise and help select Google Cloud products for the development of the new application. Acciona’s strategy was to launch the new services first in Madrid, where the company is based, and then extend the vision to more cities, if the idea worked well in practice.

Due to the scale of the project and its data needs, BigQuery was chosen as the primary data store to store all service-related information, such as the location of the scooters and their availability status. With all the data available in BigQuery, Acciona can perform specific queries that help it obtain information such as which urban areas have the highest volume of scooter rentals. Knowing this, Acciona can rearrange availability to ensure there are always enough scooters at that specific location.

Check the official case published on Google Cloud: