google cloud platform

A universe of business solutions in the cloud

Scalability, security and big data.

Cloud Platform is a set of applications and solutions in the cloud that Google has developed to enable productivity, innovation and business growth.

GCP will allow you to revolutionise the way you create, implement and manage web and mobile applications, through scalability, security and big data capabilities.

What does GCP offer?

 Storage and Databases
 Networking (redes)
 Big Data
 Data transfer

 Cloud AI
 API Platform & Ecosystems
 Management Tools
 Developer Tools
 Identity & Security
 Internet of things

Why GCP?


Google Cloud Platform is ideal for companies that are growing or have changing demands.


GCP will have maximum reliability, supported by Google’s own network, which has a 99.95% uptime service level agreement in place.


It has an infinite number of computing and storage options to adapt to your needs.


The company will have complete control of resources running on a platform protected by Google’s security model, as well as data stored securely in the cloud.


Because of its flexible pricing plans, such as billing per minute and discounts for sustained use.

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